The Super Student's Guide to Presentations (Volume 1) by John Ramos

The Super Student's Guide to Presentations (Volume 1)

Book Title: The Super Student's Guide to Presentations (Volume 1)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1523480009

Author: John Ramos

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  • The Super Student s Guide to Presentations

John Ramos with The Super Student's Guide to Presentations (Volume 1)

Learn how to become a 21st century Communicator and ace your Presentations without giving in to Stage Fright! Students deliver presentations all the time. Class assignments, science and technology fairs, student contests and other events require us to employ our public speaking skills. Have you ever felt anxious before a presentation? Have you ever wondered how you could maximize your slides’ impact? Are you looking to improve your public speaking and presentation skills? This book will teach you to: - Start with an idea and end up with a winning presentation - Impress your teachers with unique slides and captivating speeches - Lead your team into creating professional-looking presentations - Find out how these methods were applied in real life examples - Win the battle against speaking anxiety and stage fright - Learn simple design principles to leverage your slides’ design Covering everything from slide creation to actually speaking to a crowd, The Super Student's Guide to Presentations is the honest advice of a student to his fellow students. Learn how to plan a winning presentation, the secrets to a great script and the elements of eye-catching slides. Go from an idea of a presentation to a talk that knocks the audience off their seats.