Critical Decisions: Educational Development Curriculum by Earl B. King

Critical Decisions: Educational Development  Curriculum

Book Title: Critical Decisions: Educational Development Curriculum

Publisher: Heavenly Enterprises Midwest, Limited

ISBN: 1943342466

Author: Earl B. King

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Earl B. King with Critical Decisions: Educational Development Curriculum

"Young teens living in major cities, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, are experiencing gang warfare, drugs, and criminal behavior. Police mayhem is becoming an epidemic, while ministerial alliances, community activist, celebrities, and political leaders, are calling for critical change. Our youth are challenged with consequences of illiteracy, unemployment, incarceration, and even death. The Critical Decisions curriculum was written and designed to provide the educator or trainer with the means to lecture to eliminate dysfunctional thinking. This academic new co-curricular will inspire youth and young adults to make positive life changing decisions.

"Critical Decisions is my true experience in my education and in my testimony. This book is a blueprint masterpiece for America's future." Earl B. King - Chicago

"As a criminal defense attorney who has worked with Earl B. King for over 30 years, I can assure you that this book provides real definitive answers for Americas's infectious disease of senseless violence." Elliot R. Zinger, Chicago

“Critical Decisions speaks practically to a culture of violence with sporadic regularity. Earl King moves from a posture of hand-wringing to offering practical and relevant responses as opposed to current punitive reactions that have done nothing more than exacerbate conditions.

This book is fueled by love and critical thinking which can lead to critical decisions and positive outcomes.” Rev. Dr. Ozzie E. Smith, Jr. South Holland

"Earl King has given us a wise and courageous guide for our precious young people who are hungry for truth and thirsty for justice! Don't miss this book!" Dr. Cornel West - New York

"I am confident that King's Critical Decisions life-development educational curriculum will help transform the lives of those children who need it most." Bob "Butterbean" Love - Chicago